Friday, July 6, 2012


 First some cudoes to Spartan Games, I orderd my ships on Monday, They were sent on Tuesday, and today DHL called me up and delived the package, I didn't even know it had been sent with DHL, as I had free shipping, and expected regular snail mail.
 So I got quite a few ships, as well as the rule book. I got about 12 frigates, 4 cruisers and 2 battleships pr. side. So far I've painted 3 frigates and 2 cruisers from each side. One side is Terrein, the other is Aquan , this are actualy acording to the rule book allies, but they look so diffrent they make fine enemies.
 The terrain ships are painted mainly in green gray, which looks good for human based ships. Kinda looks like 20th centuary naval ships. To the right, some terrein frigates.
 I did the aquan in aquamarine/turqouise The weapon systems are all red, I pretend they are like beam crystals, so you can see they have plenty of beams, but the main beam is the front, The silver/metal is what I imagien new plates that replaced combat damage, and have not gotten the paint jet.
 I like the color, it's colorfull and look alien.

 A aquan frigate, light and slim
 The buisness end of the aquan cruiser

 The terreins, do have some colorfull blue trimmings, to break up the boring green gray.
 I also painted some mid grey on the bigger ships, and metal on the gun turrets.
 So These ships are not that big, all of them are less then 8cm long, the ships get bigger, with the terrain battleship beeing almost 18cm long.

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