Sunday, July 1, 2012

Tiny Ships

 So after playing this computer space combat game, I've been hooked, and you all know what that means, Space Wargaming, I've stayed away from Sci fi gaming, and I don't know why, favorite series ever is StarGate SG1, my second favorite is Star Trek The next generation, my third is Babyon 5, Forth DS9, Fith is Buffy/angel, so that dosn't fit,. but them sixth is StarGate Atlantis, followed to the seventh of Star Trek Voyager. I also love good Sci fi movies, like Alien, Aliens.

Så you could say I kinda like sci fi, but never sci fi gamed, probebly because I hate 40K.

And I never thought of doing space ship battles, all the sci fi I've seen have been od looking humans with guns the size of a 16.5" battleship cannons.
 So I've found a model range I like, but it is missing a few things, so I'll have to make it or something. One of the things I like about the computer game is the scale, you can zoom in on a small fighter, and see just how big the big ships are, I'm not going inne detail on the game as a reiview is comming, but the biggest ships are probebly sevral miles long or wide, bigger any of the astriods in the game.
 So this is something I want in my game, and that is hard, I wanted to start on the project, but have no money to buy models right now, so I spent my last bucks on some green stuff, and this is the first resualt, Some very badly made and ugly fighters.

These are so badly made, most of you won't know the front from the back, and with good reason, so here is the explantion, The yellow thing is cockpit, the yellow is supose to the the light of the cockpit shining out, the purple is the light from the engien, each race or faction will have uniqe color for both engien lights and light from windows ect. This one have yellow and purple. The ships are brightly colored because they are only 5mm wide/long, and so need bright colors so they can be seen on the table next to the big ships.

These ships represent fighters some 30 meters wide or long, that menas bigger ship models of some 12-14 cm will be about 900 meters long, I hope I can make my special titan ship from green stuff, but it's going to be huge, and I don't have the skill to make it, it's going to be about 35cm wide and some 15-18cm long.
So about 2100 meters wide by 900-1000 meters long.

So these fighters are ugly, I know what I want to make, but I just can't get the putty or my hands to make it.

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