Thursday, August 23, 2012

Enough Swedes already!

 I agree, so here are some British light infantry.
 4 Sash & Saber 40mm British light infantry, in their classic roundabout/shell jacket and floppy hats.
I took my time with them, the white trousers got 5 layers, elven grey, austrian white1-3, and white.
The jackets got 4 layers, brick red, russet red, scarlet red, and angel red.
Musket got layers of wood, musket brown 1-3.
Metal got two layers, gun metal, chain mail.
Straps got austrian white C and wihte. cufs got union blue and union blue light.
I'm quite happy with these.
 On one side they are easy to paint, as they don't have alot of gear, just a waterbottle, breadbag and cartridge box, so not alot to do there, but on the other end, they uniform is very tight, so it's hard to get a good look, the tight jacket dosn't give you many folds to highlight easy, and the trousers are even worse. But atleast the faces are nice and easy to paint.
 So yes, this means my 40mm AWI project is back, I never managed to sell my British units, so I still got 2 british regiments and 1 hessain regiment.

But I have to start over with the Americans.
 I've decided both for table space and economy to use 16 figure units.

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