Saturday, August 25, 2012

Damn you Swedes

 The Swedes are back, and they brought a cannon with them, that's not very sporty of them, but then they are Swedes, and are geneticaly prone to cheat, steal and fight unfair.
 I did the gun in yellow just for the fun of it, Yellow is always a cool color, you don't always see a lot of.
And since I read that Swedish gunners used dark, drab clothes, I thought a little color, would do good.
 The figures are 1st Corps, they are nice, but definatly on the small side of 28mm, almost true 25mm, I put one side by side one of my Aventine figures, now aventine are big 28mm, so the size diffrence was huge, a head and half taller then 1st corps. But luckily Warlords plastic figures are closer to true 28mm, so the size diffrence is less.

 It's rather odd, because I'm used to the bigger 28mm, these seem rather cut of, when I first saw the blisters, I saw a drummer and thought, oh cool, a small drummer boy, but then it turned out all of them were the same size.


Jay said...

Very nice work, Sir. I love it when a trooper is sporting a Vandyke!

Phil said...

Great work!

Gunfreak said...

Yay, Some one commented.

Thank, it was fun to do, but yellow is a hard color to work with, have to first put in a layer of white,