Saturday, August 25, 2012

Green Swedes

 No they don't have gangrene, they just got green uniforms.
So this is the start of the swedish green regiment.
This will be the last full regiment for the swedes this time around, I'm sure I'll add other regiments later, but I do need 3 full regiments to make a battalia, Black powder lets make sevral diffrent "brigades
You can make a tercio, used in the early part of the period by the catholics. you can make a dutch brigade, which is just 3 regiments supporting eachother, and the swedish brigade system,which is rather complicated.

 These figures are 1st corps, they are very nice, but I do not like the bases, they are all crocked and od, so it's hard to get them glued to the base.
 I must say it was a joy to paint these, while the warlord plastics are perfectly fine, not having to glue the arms and hats on, and not having to glue the musket rests.
 The also take up less room on the base, the warlord figures are kinda space hungry, while these are slim, so on the same sized bases, these 1st corps actualy look more spaced, there is more space.

 I also like that 1st corps comes 8 in each blister, since my units are 8 strong, so I buy 2 packs of musketeers, 1 pack of pike men and 1 pack of command, and I have exactly one regiment, no left over.

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