Thursday, August 30, 2012

What do we have here.

So I have 3 boxes of Victrix french, I used 3 boxes, to make a single battalion of legere, as I wanted special legere with high plumes.

While I got my battalion, it left over 140 french that don't have any legere hats, and very few grenadier bodies left. Also because the victrix boxes have this odd make up, making it impossible to make whole units of marching or fiering poses, I have just not bothered with them.

But I wanted to paint some French Napoleonics, so what to do with them.
The Answer was Grand Armee, I still have lots of 3" bases for my 6mm grand Armee project.

So this means new project, 28mm Grand Armee.

Each unit, is either 6-7 infantry or 3 cav or 1 gun.

A single base isn't that impressive, but with 3 or more bases in each division, with 2 or more divisions in each corps there will be a quite few figures on the table.
It also has the advantage that I finish each unit in one day, so 3 days work 3 units ect.
That means I can do quite a few units in a short time.

These are actualy very hard to paint, I've gotten good at painting russians, but the russian uniforms are much easier to paint, the big problem is the vest/jacket thing, it's very decorative but hard to get right.
I think they look ok, and I'm very happy with the faces, muskets and cuffs.

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Phil said...

A great stand! I love the combination of the diffenrent poses, and your base is really nice!