Monday, September 3, 2012

Defend the Wall

 So this is the second base for my Grand Armee 28mm project, I had a broken stonewall, so I glued it to the base, simply making a small diorama, the wall has no effect on gameplay, just think it looks cool.
 So we have some people behind the wall, and then some other figures in the back rank.

 The faces are really nice, lots of unique faces. I spent alot of time on these, first I had planed on painting them on Saturday, but I ended up on an airshow in downtown Oslo, gonna post pictures of planes if anyone wants to see them.
 I like the guys on the left, loading his musket, I got the hand just right so it looks like he is pulling the frizz pan back.

 Both Bases togeather, this would basicly be a division,


Phil said...

I really like your pictures, and your painting style, another very nice work!

Joseph K said...

Looks great, thanks for sharing

Steve's Wargame Stuff said...

Really nice work.

Gunfreak said...

Thanks guys.