Monday, September 10, 2012

The most attractive man on the battlefield

 This blond guy is so attractive, he even got a great but. He would have been the new Brad Pitt if he was born in 1988, but he was born in 1758, so he naturaly have 10 children from 12 different women.
 If you haven't guessed this is 40mm, figures, 40mm Front Rank AWI militia. These take up HUGE amount of base, while regular marching 40mm figures easly go 6 on 50x50mm, these huge mofos have so big bases, they need to be based 6 on 60x60mm.
 I really like these figures, granted by painting 40mm I'm cheating, each unit will only be 16 figures strong, because 40mm is damn expencive, so unless some beautiful older woman who have just gotten the inheritances from her dead husband wants to marry me and support my lead addiction, the units have to be limited to 16 figures. 
 I think these muskets are the best I've painted
 The don't have a lot of gear, a powder horn and a pouch.

 This will be a random southern militia unit.


Steven said...

Damn! The shade on the musket wood is absolutely perfect. I wish I could paint like you.

Gunfreak said...


Always had problems with muskets, glad you like em.

Captain Nolan said...

Very nice.