Sunday, September 9, 2012

Unhistoric Historic's

 So after playing a game called war of the roses, I've wanted to do a WOTR skirmish game, the problem is that while the game has lots of veriaty, you have crossbows, longbows, bastard sword, clamore, bills, pole axes, axes, spears ect. In reality you really only 3 weapons, longbows, pole axes and bills, Not only that, but chaimail was now obsilite, so eith they had padded jacks or plate armor or a mix of the two.

All this means a rather boring game and kinda boring to look at.
So that means we need to spice things up, so we take out the spice weasel and BAM! I'm gonna add some figures from the HYW, so I get more mail clad soldiers and soldiers with swords and shields, that way I get a medium armord type soldier, I'll add crowbowmen, that aperantly was not much used in the real WOTR.

But that still leaves one problem, most of the men at arms/knights were simple blackend plate, and that makes it hard to keep track of, imagine a big skirmish male, with a dozen or more figures, and both side have the same weapons and armor.
 How are you gonna keep track of with figure is on which side.
With regular wargaming units are based and can have flags and other ways of making them stand out from the other side, but not in skirmish gaming. So I've decided to go even further from reality, by useing colored amor. This is totaly unhistoric, I know of no colored armor in medieval Europe, the Japanese had them ofcourse and some of the ancient armies did color their leather, linen and bronze armor.
But other then blackening their armor, Europeans didn't color them.
 I've decided to go with brick red armor for the Yorkist and green for Lancaserians. I give the armors their main color, then put some metal color in the sharp edged to give them a warn look, so the colors might have gotten chipped of or worn of. And then I dunk them in diffrent brown inks to get the dark earthly and dirty color.
So in the end, the only thing left from the real WOTR is that the sides are Lancastrian and York, and it takes place in England. The rest is now not historic or realistic.


Shaun McTague said...

Have you considered just going ' game of thrones ' ?

Gunfreak said...

Not a fan of games of thrones

Jim Jimjim said...

Yep game of thrones bites ass.