Thursday, December 6, 2012

Long time no see!

Hello, my fellow internet inhabitants, I've been away for a long time, what happened was, during the summer I stopped taking som drugs for my angtiaty, I did this early in the summer, and spent most of the summer going through withdrawal, then a month went by and nothing happened, then right after I painted those AWI figures, the last of the drugs left my system and I changed drasticaly, apernatly the drugs had been effecting me quite a bit, suddnely I was clearer in the head, I had more energy, I started to work out, I started to eat a little healthier, I ate alot less, In just two weeks I lost 9 kg, went down 3 trouser sizes ect. So all good, except I suddenly realised how lonely I was, the drugs had suppressed my loneliness. So I stopped painting, I stopped watching my tv and even gaming on my computer, I decided I needed friends(and girl friend) I went to a forum, and just started to talk to people, got som online friends, and now I'm invited to the forum christmas party. 

I fitted in on the forum quite well, then after a few months, I started to talk to this girl, we hit it off, she lives 13 hours away by train, but we just fell for each other. Love at first chat so to speak.  
I've met a few times, spent a romantic weekend in Trondheim. So my life has changed drasticaly in a few months. 

After several months, I started to play games and watch tv again, but not as much as I used to do, for a while I thought about packing up my gaming table, and store away all my figures. but I've decided not to do it. but I will be scaling back, right now I'm trying to sell my ancients, the problem is I'm asking £1800, thats alot of money, but I think they are worth it, thats about £6 a foot figure, and I think my paint job on the ancients are good enough to warrant that, when you remember the figures cost £1.1 with out the paint job. But still, not allot of people got £1800 laying around. There is also the question of sending them, those phalangites with their pikes are hard to pack down safely.

So that's what I've been doing the last few months. But last time my "girlfriend" was here she said my apartment was way to cluttered, so I'm now going crazy fixing it up for her next visit. I've put several big boxed in the basement and I spent all day yesterday clearing the gaming table. 

So this is what my table looks like now.

 Just vacume of space and ships, I'm in a real spaceship mood, as I'm playing sword of the stars 2 and EVE online.

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mekelnborg said...

You'll have to figure out some way to ease her into the real you later on.

But it is good to round out your life sometimes, and like Rocky explained in the movie, it fills gaps.