Friday, December 7, 2012

Cannons to the left of them

 Cannons to the right of them.
Granted not 12pdrs but huge honking space guns.
I've started up on the firestorm armada stuff. I've been working on the Soyrilian collective.

I like purple so I gave them a purple theme.
 The big ship the capital one, is more elaborate, the idea is that the cruisers and frigates are a dime a dozen. so they get simple gun metal stuff, while the capital ships that are fewer and more important, get gold and silver color.
 So there is simple color, gun metal, then ink armor over the metal, then metal highlights again. then purple and finally a yellow stripe.
 While the bigger capital gets gold/bronze then silver, finally purple and white stripe.
 And there is the terrains and aquan,
 The aquan get their turquoise, water theme.
 While the terrains get their more human millitary color, more grey drab stuff.
 I've decided to divide the terrain fleets into legions, each legion gets a diffrent theme, this one has blue as you can see, the other might have green or red ect. A legion can be combined into a proper fleet.
 I bought all these ships because I thought they looked cool, turned out all these 3 races are actualy in the same alliance  So I need AT LEAST as many ships from the other alliance.
 I'm gonna run out of colors soon, sea grey for terrains, purple for the sorylians, and geen/turquoise for the aquan. So I need to fin other colors for the other races to make each unique. 

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