Saturday, December 8, 2012

One big ass mofo!

 This is a sorylian dreadnought, I paitned this in the same style as the other capital ships, silver/gold/purple.

 It's not that much longer then the smaller capital ship, but about 50% taller.
 This is the dreadnought next to a terrain frigate. If you say the frigate is 150 meters long, which is the size of the biggest modern frigates. then the dreadnought would be about 600 meters long and about 170 meters tall. About 75 meters wide or  7650000 cubic meters. Or alot bigger then say the one of the twin towers, probebly big enough to have some 30 000 crew. so lets not hope in runs into a moon or something, 30 000 sorylians would die!!

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