Wednesday, March 20, 2013

And now for something.. hey were's the tea?

 So I'm waiting for my ECW from empress miniatures, but they are slow in coming, and I had my birthday today, 196 years old I am.
And I got some money, which is never a good thing, I went down to the local game store, it has changed alot in the last years, there used to be only warhammer, then came lord of the rings, sure from the same people, but still slightly more intersting then 40k, then slowly other stuff came, first flames of war, then something called warmachine, then came warlord stuff, first ww2, then pike and shot and hail caesar stuff(before it was called hail caesar) Then came victrix and perry. now there is a small sellection. of stuff. Lastest is spartangames stuff, I had actualy bought alot of firestorm armada direct from spartangames, when it showed up in the game store. They also sell the spartangames flagship the dystopian war/legion.
I wasn't planing on getting into that, but I was down in the store, and wanted to spend some birthday money. But nothing new for the firestrom armada. and those dystopian legion do look good. So I bascily bought them becasue they looked good, same reason I got the empress miniatures ECW figures.

The figures are very slim and cool, lots of detail.

Since this is a skirmish game, I don't need to paint 6, 8, 10 or 12 at a time, that lets me do alot of detail work, So the coat and trousers(they are british after all) got 4 shades, rifle got 2, metal got 2. boots got 2, helmet got 2, canteen got 2, face got 4 pluss fecial hair.
 I really like how these turned out, I like the blue, very cool, this blue is Union blue B, followed by union blue C, then highlights of fester blue, with super highlights of hidious blue.
 The figure I assume is a sergant because he got some what diffrent armor, got reverse color of the armor, the regular riflemen got "silver" chest plate, and gold shoulder armor, the sergant got gold chestplate and silver shoulder armor with gold details.

 All in all I like them, the blue highlights look very good, the red is ok, the blue and red mix is very cool. I look forward to the "hussars" the are just infantry with jet packs, I plan on painting them like Napoleonic british hussars, in color.

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