Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Whats that? is a bird? a plane?

No it's hussars, now prepare to die, scum. pip pip cherrio!!

 Since theise are supose to be hussars, I've used British napoleonic hussar colors, blue coat, grey trousers, and red cap.
 I really like the blue, same blue I used on the trousers of the infantry, but looks even better on the jackets.
 Just to make them a little camp I gave them white boots and gloves.
 The jetpack, is gold and silver, so are the guns
 I tried to make the exhost diffent colors, black on the lowest part and light higher up, the thought is that, as the jetpack like cars probebly uses a few seconds to get the fuel right ect. so the smoke becomes "cleaner" when it's fired up a few seconds.

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Scott B. Lesch said...

These are fun. Maybe compressed steam powered as in the anime "Steamboy."