Monday, May 13, 2013

 So another 5 done, this is my veterans.
 If you look at alot of fotage of ww2 or pictures, you see the US troops often dumping gear, often to the bare minimum. So I got varied versions of gear completeness
 This sergant, perfers to go light, only carring ammo, even dumping his helment if he dosn't expect artillery.
 I have one in full gear, with cartridge belt, packpack, sigar and 5 o'clock shadow. I also got one that has dumped all his gear, just carring his Garand and bandoleres of ammo, not even using is cartridge belt.
 And I have one in cartridge belt, with E-Tool, but no backpack.
The BAR gunner is packed full, he is a big mofo and likes to carry it all. he probebly got his backpack full of spare ammo for his BAR.

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Jay said...

Nice modeling. Good idea to vary the gear each troop is carrying: for me it breaks up the sameness, and adds a bit of mystery to the character and to the scene.