Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Germans and americans in perfect harmony.

 Wellcome to Normandy American mongrles!!

 Done some germans, Im still not happy with the grey, it's ok, but it lacks the green tint.

 I did give these a slightly greener grey, but I feel it's to light, not the grey but the green is to light, if you get what I mean?
 I like this table, sadly it only takes up about 2x2 feet. of my 6x4 feet table, the rest is either full of junk or spaceships and space mat.
 I bought the Assault on normady box from BA, so I got some ruins, and the rules book.
 Crazy BAR gunner, exposing him selv(not in the good way) just to get a better vantage point to rain down 30-06 on the enemy.


Sgt Steiner said...

Great looking figures and terrain

Jay said...

Very nice looking battlefield setup and figures.

Gunfreak said...

Thanks for the comments