Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Ship ahoy

 So I've been a busy little bee. My forces have grown, the total number is now 68 ships.
The ships are mostly from 3 sources, two of the sources are home made stuff from talented garage producers. the last source is ebay micro machines.

I's kinda fun hunting star trek ships on ebay, first you go to memory alpha or other star trek source, find the dimention of the class of ship you want, they give the figure in actual meters, so a bird og prey is 140 meters ect. you then devide it by 7000 and multiply by a 100 and you get the size of a 1:7000 scale version of the ship in cm. you then go online and try and find a ship model that fit this size as close as possible. The nebula and excelsior class ships are slighlty off, the excelsiour is to big, while the nebula is to small. but my vorcha are just right.

My klingon fleet is now 25 ships, 1 negh'var, 4 vor'cha and 20 birds of prey.
 My federation fleet isn't really a fleet yet, but might be call a task force.

 The klingons do look good on masse don't they?

 I really like the nebula class ship, it has the scaucar section of a galaxy, but much smaller star drive section. But I really like the look of it.
Now I have to learn the rules, as I have more then enough ships to play now, but the rules I've choosen are alot of numbers and so my brain melts.

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Robert Clark said...

Where did you get the Birds of Prey?!