Wednesday, April 24, 2013

More Trek

 So it's stange, normaly I buy dozens or even hundreds of figures at a time, and naturaly they take along time to paint, even 6 15mm takes hours to paint, and a full 36 figure battalion takes days to finish.
But these ships take much shorter time, many of them are so small it's limited how detailed you can get them, even the biggers one are limited based how they look on the show

This is the Dominions ships, 13 attack ships(still got 7 left) 3 cruisers and 1 attack cruiser.
 The federation ships, I got these of ebay, later I learned they were from a re caster, he steals other peoples models and just recasts them sell them on ebay, I even learned who he has stolen them from, naturaly I feel bad, and won't do any moe buisness with this "gentlemen" One intrepid, one miranda, the defiant is from the same man that makes the dominion ships, so that was is clean. but the two others are tanited.

 Close up of the dominion ships
 The dominion, are hard to paint, you never get really a good look, one episode they look purple, another they look more metal, so I did a mix of purple and metal, and metal purple.

Negh'Var Biggest of the big Klingon ships.

All the ships I got, I ran out of flight stands, so waiting for the next shippment for them.

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