Saturday, August 3, 2013

Big Vikings

 So I orderd the SAGA rules, and as they are skirmish rules I have to do them in the true skrimish scale, 40mm.
So these are 40mm Sash and Saber vikings. I also got some archers command and some Saxons.
 The vikings all got spears, or swords with either padded jacket or mail.¨
There seem to be 5 poses in the package, and those are the ones shown here, but the shields, heads and weapons are loose, so you can make many uniqe figures, and ofcourse you can change the paint job.

The Mail is chain mail with ink wash armor, and ink wash brown. The other steel is gun metal with chian mail highlights.  The leasther is barbarian leather with light leather highlights. They look good, but was kinda disapointed at how they looked on the pictures, I also saw I for got to paint some metal buckles on one of those leather straps, which is just me beeing disracted. so have to do some tuchups when they are glued to their bases.

The figures are great, you do get more correct proprtions with 40mm, they do look more life like and real, but the cost, is hard to get around.

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