Sunday, August 11, 2013

Allied Hastati

So Back to Ancients, I really wanted to paint some Carthagenians, but I can't find them!! I found the shield decals but not the soldiers, I have no idea were half my figures are even tho my apartment is only 28m2. I think they might be hiding from me, mabye they have like made secret escape tunnels in the plaster or something. But I did know were my Allied legion figures are, and I have enough to make the whole legion(except for the triarii as only my real roman legion got those) So that is 2 hastati units and 2 princiepes units. I like painting the roman/allied units, as they are only 20 strong, meaning two days of hard painting and I have a new unit done.
 I decided not to use shield decales, in theise
1 cost, they are expencvie
2. to make them more plain, and kinda cleaner.
 I did a white white red theme, white tunic, white shields and red feather/helmet stuff.

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Phil said...

Great looking units, and beautiful pics!