Saturday, August 31, 2013


So this was kinda a letdown, I really wanted to get a good troll, but I just don't have the skills, I was trying to blend the colors, but I didn't get it right, so I had to use inks lots of inks, making the whole troll  look like he had taken a bath in mud water. The only thing I'm happy with is the face, it has lots of character.

The armor is ok, but not great, I was kinda thinking the metal used would just be any metal, scraps not used by the orcs, just melted and banged into a armor for the trolls. So I used batterd copper, silver, gun metal and enchanted green, then used various inks.

 Rohan fighting the trolls and orks.


Jay said...

Beautiful painted figure. The colors are cool.

Ed the THW Guy said...

Don't sell yourself short, nicely done. Much better than Icould do!

Mike Creek said...

Gunfreak, I am not into trolls much, but if you had to have a troll, I think he's very nice. The paint job is very good. It almost looks a bit steampunk with all that different metal.

Mike Bunkermeister Creek

shah said...