Wednesday, August 28, 2013

More lotr

So I thought I was out of my lotr mood, I had painted som riders of rohan, and watched fellowship and two towers with comentary track while paiting, and kinda got bored, and thought well on to other things, Rome 2 total was is out in less then 6 days now, and expected to get into ancient mood. but no one day later I  had to put on return of the king and more painting, also bought lots of more figures, enought to make sevral units of uruks, and orcs, as well as more rohan, and a troll.
Damn this stuff is expencive, if only you needed the plastic figures it would be ok, but those rohan commanders are 300kr for 4 figures. really someone should die for that!! Liberterians aren't that capitalist!

 Anyway so the riders of rohan, I notised that all riders does have bows and arrows, most of them have it on the back, but they do have them, I plan on useing HC as a base, so these would have both short and long range, I have decided not to always have separate archer units. Like the mordor orcs will have archers in among the mele, giving them a long range attack, but only a low number, so they are more a anoyance then a killer. Orcs aren't known for beeing super archers.
 For Rohan, I will have mele and separate archer units, if I give orcs a 1 long range attack, then rohan archers will have 3. (and elves if I had them would be 4) 4 is more then any archer unit in regular HC, but that is because in HC period archers were less effective then they apear to be in lotr.

 To make the lotr feel work for HC I have to change stats. You have Clash/charge Sustained/mele, short and long range. Clash is mele for the first round, sustained is just mele, and short range and long range is well ranged attack. so If we take a regular mordor unit of orcs. it will have 7 Clash 5 sustained, 2 short ranged and 1 long range. they get high clash because orcs are savage, but low sustained because it seems that orcs always have less "skill" then humans en elves in mele. the 2 in close range and 1 in long range is the archers.
 While say rohan warriors, will have 6 clash 6 sustianed, 3 close range, and 0 long range. I have not play tested so naturaly I have no idea if this is balansed, but it does seem to fit the "period"
I also tried a new style of skin for the orcs, Jacksons orcs have lots of colors, greens, browns, blacks and even blue and red. So I thought I'd make blue orcs, they get a normal coat of darkish grey, then very waterd down dark blue ink, and then highlights of lighter grey again. I think it looks ok, I'll try redish another time.


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More great painting. Good work sir.

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