Tuesday, September 17, 2013

10mm Ancients

 So I got  a bunch of 10mm Ancients, Doing the 2nd Punic wars. all figures are the new punic war range from Pendraken. So far only 1 unit is done, and thats the 48 hastati, each finished unit is gonna be 4 bases, and 48 figures for 3 rank infantry, and 56 for the warbands, Cav is gonna be 24 for standard size and 12 for small. The rules will be Hail Caesar.

Half a unit of Pricipes

 Iberian mercenry warband
 Carthagenian vertrans

 Big grey thingies, also known as elephants(the bible called them Behemoth(no it did not talk about dionsaurs)
 Numidian cav, 15 of them, plan on having 24 figure units for standard sized units. So it's gonna be lots of cav goodness.
 Everythnig from an angle, I have notised one thing about ancients, even with 28mm, the figures often just end up beeing heads with shields, it's often very hard to see the armor/cloth/uniform, as the shield take up the front, and you need  a special angle to see the body of the soldier, this is even worse in 10mm, so I  tried to get an angle, so  you can actualy see, some of the badly painted figure and not just the shield.

Both the carthagenians and pricipes have chainmail.
I honestly did all figurs very simple, the horses got 2 shades only, and it was quckly done, not alot of detail, since the units are so big it gets boring fast, like the iberians, took me 3 days for this half unit,, they got a base coat on the unit with a highlight, and purple line on the end(read they had that)  the chainmail is a single coat of gunmetal, no inks or highlights, as I said you mostly only see the shield anyway. so these are by no means my best figures, not even my best 10mm, the only ones that look ok, are the elephants.


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Very nice looking minis!

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