Sunday, September 22, 2013

Rainbow Six

So in the late 90s and early 2000s, there was a genra of pc games called tactical shooters, the mostly dealt with CQC/CQB with some more open stuff, The premiss was simple, a game that is realistic, unforgiving and required more then just a fast trigger finger, really there is just two main series in this genra.
Rainbow six, the big one, 3 great games with lots of expantion packs, and SWAT, but only swat 3 and 4. i loved swat 3 liked swat 4 but was slightly disapointed. there was also two off games in this genra, one was the orignal Ghost recon, it beeing uniqe in the genra with having bigger maps, and more "military" feel over the more spec ops/civilan feel of Rainbow six and SWAT. The last one out was The Regiment, it was a decent game, low budget but still quite good, it put you in the boot of SAS "recreating" som of SAS big high scale stuff(like a reamginaing of the 80s iranian embasy crises, that first showed the word the SAS) Sadly this genera is now dead, Rainbow six, sold out and became a spectical shooter/hollywood shooter, the whole game was hide hehind some stuff poke your head out and shoot stuff, totaly unrealistic and well someone is going to hell for what they did to the rainbow six name.

Same happend to Ghost recon, after one game and 3 good expantion packs, the game whent into the 3rd person shooter with lots of sci fi gadets. it wasn't the worst game made, but taking the name ghost recon, was a slapp in the face as it had very little to do with the orginal, it was the company ubisoft that did this to both Ghost recon and rainbow six. swat just died, after swat 4 and an expantion pack, no more games have been made in that series. many hope it will be revied and at if a new game is made it will be true to it's name, Quite fankly i would rather swat stay dead then see it go the same way as rainbow six and ghost recon, the regiment never got any fruther then the one game, i don't think it sold very well, and infact very few people even know about the game, i had a very hard time even getting a hold of the damn game, today it's impossible to get a copy of it.

So since 2006 there has been no propper tactical fps games, you do have sim games like arma, but that is a military simulator not the same as a tactial fps. but one man and a small company of people have now made the first tactical fps since 2006, it's called TakeDown Red Saber, it is rather low bugdet, made with just a little over $200k pluss unknown number of dollars from the publisher, with a team of just over 10 people, they have made a labor of love. the game came out on friday, and well it was broken, something had happend, and it's very hard to get a game togeather, the game is mostly a COOP game, so 6 players join forces to take out the enemy controlled by the computer, Missions are stuff like hostage rescue on a captured cargo ship, bomb defusal in a biolab ect. the game is brutal, a single shot can kill you, so no running around shooting from the hip, complex modeling of damage and recoil, diffent types of ammo, like FMJ, JHP, AP, and special sub sonic ammo for use with silencers. anyway the game is broken, but i still have had a few very good games with friends, the game (when it works) is fantastic, just hold off on buying it untill a few paches are out.

Anyway so over to the figures, in honor of the resurection of this genra, I thought i'd make some Apropraite figures. these are actualy US special forces, but I painted them as urban spec ops, the idea beeing the same as Rainbow six, they are multinational UN backed spec ops, Since they are under un controll, they can go into delicate operations, were national forces can't, it will look better to send theise guys, then say SAS or Delta force or Spetz naz, they have mostly their own countires best in mind.

So i tried to give them small UN patches.
 I did them in dark blue BDUs, with black vests, helmets ect. I actualy used my french blue triad for the blue(napoleonic french) I like the color, and it's a dark blue, so it works great. the black is well black with highlights of panzer grey and greatcoat grey. the metal parts of the guns are mostly black with some spots of gun metal gray to show wear and tear.


The Extraordinarii said...

I had a laugh at your comments regarding Swat and Rainbow six, I like what you have done with the minis, they look great.

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