Monday, January 13, 2014

Generic swdish grenadiers

 So got 3kg of sweeds and russians today. First up is the swedish grenadiers. Not sure how I was gonna paint them, I gave them yellow mitre front with a badly painted granade on it.

Grenadiers are quite powerfull under the BLB rule, So not sure if i should do a full 18 figure battalion or a smaller combined greandier unit of 12? What do you think?

I also found these kinda hard to paint, there is not alot of folds ect. in the jackets.
They look ok, the faces are ok, but still feel they are kinda sloppy. Oh well not all units can be the best you do.


Johns Miniatures said...

They look great :) Also had a hard choosing how to paint my grenadiers hat. I wanted to apint them gold but found hardly any evidence for it so I picked a red and blue with yellow grenades on.

Gunfreak said...

I had a look at your blog and your GNW figurs look great.

Johns Miniatures said...

Thank you! :)
Check out this guy

Thats alot of minis :P