Sunday, January 12, 2014

WSS French infantry

 So this is Coietquen regiment, my last wss unit done, I have now actualy painted all my french WWS figures I got, I now have 3 infantry units, 1 cav and 1 gun. I have one unpainted unit of brtish. But tomorrow UPS comes with like 200 swedish and russians, pluss I'm expecting more 7YW figures during the week. I think my next WSS figures might be dutch, My plan is two regular dutch units, and one combined grenadier unit(but not sure they used combined ones) So basicly my WSS plan is to buy 3 and 3 units, and 1 "odd unit, that would be one unit of cav or gun.
 The coietquen infantry.


Scheck said...

A wonderful regiment! I like your style, how you paint and your settings- Bravo!!

Johns Miniatures said...

Looks great!

Phil said...

Very nice, beautiful colors!