Thursday, January 16, 2014

The regiment I'll never be able to spell

 So this is the Batthyànyi regiment, I will never be able to spell that from memory.
So these are the most sexy hunky men every to to put on a uniform, I want to have their babies!
I normaly do not care much for Austrians(yes they are Hungerian) my main period have been Napoleonics and I never really got into the Austrians, I found their uniform boring, and always felt they never got that good, they did ok in the 1809 war, but before that, they meh, and in the 1813 byond they seem to be the most bakwards of armies, slowest to march, more old style armies, the soldiers never seemed as into it as the others, 1813 is dominated by the russians and prussians, prussians with the national uprsing and ferver that made them fight harder, the russians simply because they were super trained at  this point and did great things. The austrians soldiers (and leaders) never seemed to get into the 1813-1814 period. they were there and ofcourse many of them died for the cause, and did they duty, but still.

And then the uniforms, they do say if you get snow blind do some hungerian, but they are also kinda boring, sure nice sky blue spandex, but thats it.

And when I started my 3rd attempt at 7YW I kinda went into it as well Austrians are just some one for the prussians to fight.  But as I read about the period, even in 1757 with Prussians greatest victorys, they just seemd much more competent then their Napoleonic successors. And late on, they do some great stuff against the prussians. also while most of them are just well white, they still have more color then the Napoleonic versions, And god motherfucking damnit those hungerians are SOOO much cooler then their napoleonic brothers. Some had light blue, others dark blue trousers, and they had freaking dolmans!! And even if they have white jackets, the jackets are diffrent then german jackets.
I love these guys I want to do imoral stuff to them(well imoral in 1757,(and still other places to day)) Thse are cool, dark blue spandex and dolmal with yellow lace.
 The officer even got yellow boots for fucks sake.
 I was so torn over which units to paint first, Should i do the III grenadier battalion with yellow vest and breachers, or dragoon Meinicke with their pink facings? Hell no, god damn Hungerians with dark blue spandex and yellow lace.


Gonsalvo said...

Since you whined in the next post, here's a comment. :-)

I think they look great, really. And I thought the tongue in cheek (oops, maybe a bad turn of phrase considering the, as you say, pseudo homo-erotic tone of the post.... eeew!) text was very funny, too.

Gunfreak said...

Thanks, I did hope someone would find it somewhat funny!