Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Craping blood

 So woke up night to monday, with the runs, and pukeing, ended up shitting blood, so naturaly no work yesterday, instead I painted prussians and shitting blood. Also gunfreak gets very sad when nobody comments on my posts, neither my evil sweeds or sexy hungerians got any comments(granted my post about the hungerians did get kinda homo erotic)

So what did I paint, well the III. Guards or 3rd Guard battalion, you just have to paint these when you are painting prussians, yellow, blue and red. Tho I did have to do some modifications, aperantly these used the swedish cut cufs, and I had the prussian cut, so not perfect. These loose great I think.

I also did Meinicke dragoons, again manly unit, cobalt blue, yellow and pink(real men wear pink)
They look not as good, the horses are ok, but I feel the the troopers were a bit sloppy, also the damn standard pole is well haf sideways.
 So cool unit i Think, I think the yellow turned out quite well(yellow is damn hard to make look good)
 So both my prussian units are kinda "special" one is a guard unit, another is fusilier, but I do have a normal musketeer to be painted as well, and I have orderd another musketeer unit to.
 And the Mainicke dragoons, I painted these 1, because they are pink, and all pink units must be painted.
2 they did cool stuff during the rossback campaign.
I found that drybrushing the last highlight on the horses helps alot. Gives almost a shiny fur coat look that hourses do have.


Jonathan Freitag said...

Nice brushwork on your Prussians. I like them a lot!

Der Alte Fritz said...

Nice paint job. Now I'm going to have to paint the Meinicke Dragoons too!

Do not worry about the lack of comments, a lot of people lurk ( view but do not leave a comment) but are shy about leaving comments on a blog.

I hope that you get well soon. You have a get well shipment of Mindens on their way. :)


Phil said...

Great looking troops!

Scheck said...

Great looking unit! You paint them so realistically.
I put your blog on my favorites list, I often visit your blog. Go on, it´s a pleasure to follow you!!

Gunfreak said...

Thanks guys, especaly Sckeck, I take that compliment with joy.