Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I'm Ashamed

 I tried to take the honorable way out, but I dont't have a Japanese sword(or any sword) I do have a samurai figure, and tried to comit Sepuku with his little katana, but it only knicked my skin, and my layer of blubber stopped any disembowling action.

I then walked into the street and asked someone to kill me in an honorble duel, but when I walked up to people with two flintlock pistols they just ran away.

So why am I ashamed? Well I broke my new years ressolution, I have left the 18c by atleast 9 years.
I've been so good, I even watched waterloo sevral weeks ago with out having to paint Napoleonics. But I just got bored of 18c stuff. My first true love called me back.

I think I'm going back to my roots, Peninsular war, first up is some 43rd light infantry.

I did the first officer I love the pelise. British Peninsula war my first and only project I have completed. I did the whole of the 1st division at salamanca,(later learned the division did like nothing at that battle)
Officer and sergant.


brian_smaller said...

Resolutions are there to be broken:) What make are the figures?

Gunfreak said...

Yes they are.

Those are perry 43rd foot command

Ed TheTHWguy said...

I view them as ... suggestions. Excellent painting.