Sunday, February 2, 2014


 So I have almost ran out of 7YW figures, right now I have only 8 prussians left, and it apears the post has stopped ariving, nobody in the building seems to have gotten mail for like 4-5 days.

So I decided to take out some TAG cossacks, these are 17th centuary, but I think they look perfectly fine for GNW, I'm not that happy with the bare chested figures, sure it is manly in a Putin kinda way. But given that russia and eastern europe is very cold 4-5 months each year, it is kinda odd. After painting swedish, austrians and prussians the last month or two, It's kinda fun painting irregular troops, sure the austrians and prussians are very colorfull, and each unit is diffrent. It's still regulation troops, same haversack same breadback, same muskets ect. And the Minden figures are all one pose. So less variation.

So these were funn, and also colorfull, From looking at plates, there are alot of red, green and blue, ans some browns. So that what I did.

I'm doing this unit very irregular, a mix of muskets, pistols/swords and pikes. Not sure how to rate them yet, they should be brutal at close quarters, yet have low stamina, more hit an run units, got for one good charge to lots of damage, then probebly give up when they start getting hit back. They are gonna have low shooting.(for black poweder that rates shooting power)

 They are lots of fun to paint, with baggy clothes lots of chances to highlight and shade.
The half naked cossacks looks good(tho he will be cold in russian winters) He is not the beef cake lots of half naked miniatures are. But he looks fit, like strong but not bulging! kinda looks like my actualy


Johns Miniatures said...

They look very nice :)

Stephen said...

Cracking work :-)

Phil said...

Very nice!

Alexander Hay-Whitton said...

Topless was very popular; it'squite legitimate.