Sunday, February 9, 2014

Uniforms dirty, Rifles are clean!

 So done some more stuff of late, 4 more 43rd, uncluding another office and bugler. I then did the first 6 of a line infantry unit, and two 60th rifles.  The 95th on this picture is older, did them sevral months ago,  the rest are new. I have decided on a force to make, the right column at Victory. Thats 4th division, light division, household cav, heavy dragoons and hussars. Quite a formation. It will let me paint lots of 95th, 43rd, 52nd, 60th. cocadores, portugese line, portugse dragoons, heavy dragoons, and sevral units of hussars, and lots of british line. uncluding my old friend 23rd.

 60th in very dirty uniforms, used perry plastic rifles for them, while all my light infantry and 95th will be able to be both formed and skrimish order, the 60th will all be just skirmishes.
 Redheaded 43rd officer.

 Ah we meet again my old Friend, the 23rd, how many times have I painted you! From the WSS to Napoleonincs with a stop at AWI and 7YW. In Napoleoics I have painted them I think 3 or 4 times. And even more during the AWI, In the AWI I have painted them oh 6 times I think, in 6mm, 10mm, 28mm and 40mm.  It was not my intent to paint them again. They just happen to be in this right column. infact they are in the fusilier brigade, a brigde og just fusliser units.

I did get one problem tho, I have painted quite alot of 6 of them, and then realised I could not finish them when they were all glued togeather, the arms and muskets get in the way of the straps and lace, I just gave up on them, and stated on 6 new ones, glued on head and backpack. but left of the arms, finished the body, then glued on the arms and muskets and finished them, it helped alot.

I'm also looking into getting a British uniform just because but finding one is not easy, I'm not looking for super quality, so machine sown is good enough, if I ever get into reenactment and they need better uniforms I can upgrade them. I have found a few sites that sell almost all I need, but it's hard to know if they are on the level. the "19th centry tailors" have uniforms ect, and a nice sight, but a google for them, leads to a few forums posts on verious reenactment sites about bad quality gear, bad delivery times(or non delivery) bad customer service ect.

Found another site, the looks ok, but they use the same pictures of the same uniforms as the site mentioned, so I don't know, I did not find any bad about them online, yet I don't know, so if you have any low down on the let me know.

 I'm quite happy with theise, the white of the trousers look great I think, the reds are good. faces look ok to, the muskets are kinda hard to paint as they are less chunky them metal so harder to get details on the stock.


brian_smaller said...

I always liked that scene from Sharpe when Fredrickson is introduced,

Great stuff as always.

Anonymous said...

They look real nice!

Phil said...

Looks great, paintjob and poses!

Gunfreak said...

Thanks for the comments, had just seen that episode and felt I had to use it, tho I think the exact quite is "the men are dirty, the rifles are clean"