Thursday, March 27, 2014


As regular readers of this blog will know, I've tried to get the Marine unifom color right. And finnaly I have done it. I orderd a box of plastic marines and plastic japanese, And also the color set for both from warlord. And I got the marine color, that od, almost od, yet not od thing.

The plastic figures are great, a billion times better then the warlord metal marines, that has lots of flash od pointed corner ect. These are much better, but they still have these very over the top faces.
But I did find too few cartridge belts, given most troops should use the garand or springfield, there should be more of the cartridge belts. Even with just 3 out of 5 figures here, the spur did run out of them. if I wanted to do all 5 or 6 with rifles, I would be missing alot of them. We do get a few bandoleres, and it was common for some soliders/marines to drop the belt and just load up with the bandoleres.
Also no desingnated carbine pouches.

Oh and my pet pewe the carbines have the bayonet lug, that was only used at the very very end at the war, MABYE a few marines did get it the last weeks at Okinawa, but more likely only by the time of ocupation in europe or Japan, did they show up in any number.

But this is commen, older movies like A bridge too far also had that damn bayonet lug, more updated movies like saving private ryan, band of brothers and pacific did have the propper ones.

But I'm happy with these, and very happy having found the right colors.
 Rilfe stocks came in varied colors, I did theise in bright redish wood, you also had mid wood and dark oak colors. The thompson got the dark oak color on the wood.  I also did the bases with black sand from Iwo Jima.


Stephen said...

very nicely done :-)

Tom Young said...

Great looking minis, excellent terrain!

Johns Miniatures said...

Looks great! :)