Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Pacific

 So did some more painting, five more plastic marines, and a 3 man M1917A1.

I did a few changes from the first 3, mostly the helmet cover got some diffrent colors I think look more like the real thing. I'm still slightly in love with the marine color I use now. And I really like the 2nd louie I did.

BAR Gunner,
 This is the second louie I was talking about
 One of the reasons I like him is that the carbine turned out so great. I think one of the biggest advantages of plastic WW2, is that the guns look, well like guns, in metal the guns are either so mangeld you kinda can see what type of gun it is, or it's so big an chunky, they look almost like space marine guns. But the plastic guns, are not only great looking but also more or less the right proportions.

 I also really like the "pointer" man, I think he has great highlights.

Ah but I got more for you today, I also cracked open the box of japanese.

I found a nice triad for them, Tan brown, vallejo japanese uniform and coat d arms japanese unifom.

I like the unifom, it's not super colofull, but the redleather against the brown yellow uniform, really does stand out.

These were fun to paint, but I felt they could have dropped that one pose were the figure is running so fast it and with his body so far forward it looks like he is tripping over a stone. Also the figure head with the "cliche" round glasses was also unessesary.


Phil said...

Beautiful work!

Al said...

Really well painted, interesting subject too

Gunfreak said...

Thanks guys!

Jerry said...

Excellent work on the South Pacific Figures

Stephen said...