Tuesday, March 4, 2014

WIP French

 French WIP, So I got my FR french and british. And I had to paint them just to see what they were like.
MAN those have lots of details on them, the most extreme must be they actualy modeled the button on the shoulder straps.  These are the campaign dress I always paint french in campaign dress as I hate the look they get when using gaitors.

I asked TMP which figures I should use for 1807-1814 french and penisula british that fit with some of the perry stuff. And they all said the new Reinforcement packs from Front Rank, and I can see why. Yes they are still quite big, but not as broad as the old FR figures.

The jacket and trousers get 4 coats, jacket is the french blue foundry triad, with tiny bit of highlight of fester blue from coat d'arms. the trousers are horse tone gray shade, with austrian white triad over.
Face gets it's 5 shades of flesh, musket gets 3 ect.
They do take a long time to paint, lots of details, especaly the volgteuirs, with the epelets and swords ect.

But the resaults are quite good.

 Something I have not seen before, some sort of padding/cover for the elite company swords. I asume they just used random cloth for it, so I did them in the same colors as the geatcoats.
I love the FR faces, so easy to paint.


Phil said...

Excellent work, love them!

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