Monday, February 24, 2014

Blue bellies

 So I got my plastic perry ACW, I love these guys, this is from the very first plastic perry box, the box that kinda started the whole hard plastic hisotric thing, It was a good choice, quite simple uniform, some ability to use it for both sides(tho it's not 100% kosher) Really you could do an entire division for both sides with just sevral of this box. Only needing to add metal guns(now plastic guns are out)

You do notice it was perrys first dip into plastics, the some of the figures are kinda "odd" on their sides were things are "streched" How ever, they will hold up great. It apears the figures just lends it self to good painting, generaly the best ACW figures I've seen painted have been these, either as union or more often rebs. I think it has to do with the folds on the jackets and trousers that just makes it easy to get the most out of your paint job. I feel theise look great, I feel I got a good dark blue and good light blue for the union. The jackets are Foundry Union blue triad and a extra highlight of festerblue from coat d arms.

The trousers are all coat de arms, shade hiduous blue, mid is light blue, and just a tiny bit of lighlight of bravarian blue.

The figures look good, but are kinda a cop out, making one box useable for both sides, means some are shell jackets other sack coats. If you want a full unit in either one, you need like 4 boxes I think, That would give you 2 union sack coated, and 2 reb shell jackets.

Also halfish of the box is fireing line, so if you want 30+ regiments you have to always buy 2 boxes. That should give you 36 marching, and I think 30-32 fireing, that is if you use some of the officer models as standard barers. So yes, you notice it's the first plastic set from the perries, but they are still some of the best figures to paint if you want them to look good.
 I love the colors I got, Great 3D effect.

I want all my ACW units to be 30+, simply because I feel if they are smaller they do not get the "long thin line" effect, 28mm figures are fat, and so hard to get the feel that it is infact a thin 2 deep line, it's easier to get that feel in 15mm. At 24  figures it's ok, but really you need 30+ for it too look "right"

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Stephen said...

Well, they certainly look right to me :-)