Friday, April 25, 2014

Back to 18th

 I've cralled back to the 18th century. I've been gone a while, visited all kinds of stuff, WW2 mostly, but also medievals, Napoleonics and ACW.

This time it's AWI again, I still have half a box of plastic british, I have orderd another single spure of command so I can get a whole new unit, also orderd a box of the new continentals.

This is a yellow faced regiment, not sure which one of them this will be yet. I've very happy with them, tho I feel they look much worse on the pictures then in real life. I did try my hand at eyes again, I normaly stay clear of the eyes, but they are so clarly sculpted on the faces so felt I had to give it ago.

I feel I got the right red and white on theise. The red is 4 shades, so is the white.
I really only have two problems with my paint job  on theise, one the white lace on the facings/lapels bearly show. Second the white brim on  the hats feel sloppy, even if I tryed to get them right sevral times.
 I also tried another mix of the stock, While I like the dark musket stock brown from foundry it is very dark, I wanted smore more light color. so I used difrent valljeo mid browns. Not super happy with the resualt but ok.


AJ (Allan) Wright said...

Outstanding work. I particularly like the realistic faces - crisp and very real.

Der Alte Fritz said...

Try painting a stripe of black where there is lace, and then paint a stripe of white on top of that. The white will really pop out then.


Gunfreak said...

Thanks AJ, and thanks Jim for the tip, did that on my second base, it will be up on the blog tomorrow