Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Vikings Part Deux!

 So did another two bases, and it's starting to look like an unit, but still two more bases to be done.
I did one of the 3rd and 4th rank bases, made to be on the flank, so gave it a few archers. Also did the center command base. With a big chief in red beard and hair, he looks important because, he got both mail, and lamellar armor, and he got purple tunic(purple is "big boss collor" for all my viking in any scale. Next to him is his son, another bad as motherfucker, with a splinterd shield.  It's still too narrow for a shield wall, looks more like a shield block. So two more bases.

Also I forgot to mention last post, that they are not in a real shield wall, they are not close enough, I did this for two reasons. 1 I had theise bases, and didn't want to by others. and it lets you see more of the figures, not just spear points and shields.
 This picture is cropped as some very rude sweeds tried to photo bomb it.
 All hail, the Chief or Jarl or what ever he is, I guess gingers were not as prosecuted back then.

 Here you can see the archers on the back row.

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