Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Brits and Sweds

 So happy day yesterday, I got some £90 worth of foundry paints, some just a refill of paints I have but some new to. The biggest new additions are deep blue, yellow and buff leather. I did finish my 3rd base of british, which was kinda boring as I did not get to use any of my new colors. (tho I cheated and used the buff leather) Now I can't finish the unit as I'm waiting for the command spure. So unless I get my perry order today, I'll take a day or two of painting.

But I had to try out my new colors, by pure chance I had almost finished 3 horses for my GNW swedes. Just needed to fnished the leather works on them, I had also primed the riders, so It was easy to give them a go, I tried my new deep blue, I think it looks right for the sweds, will also use it on continetnal infantry.
It has lots of leather work to, so got to use my buff leather, and even bravarian blue on the lapels.

I had orded the excpert flesh to, so while I could not use it on my british as the faces had to look the same as the other bases.I did use it on the sweds, and it worked great, untill I tried to make 3 day beards on the sweds, I fucked up and had to repaint the lower half of all 3 faces. I did save them somewhat, but they do not look as good as before.

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