Wednesday, April 30, 2014

5th Connecticut

 Well two posts in one day, aren't you a lucky bunch! Got my order from perrys, they have really sped up their delivry, they have always been fast to ship, but now it comes here much faster, less then one week for the last 3 orders I have placed! So cudos to them! This is the 5th Connecticut in 1778, or atleast thats what the perry phamplet says, even on their painted examples on their site this unit shows up. I have not found them like this on any other online sources, but who am I to question demi gods like the perrys.

I've decided to paint colorfull regiments, so not alot of the "famous" blue, white and red. I had to do theise because how often during the non post WW2 periods get to use Olive drab. The perry phamplet comes with lots of diffrent regiments, many of them quite striking.
 So I like this unit, will stand out on the table! This is the same blue as used on the GNW Swedes, might be a little light for the real jacket, but close enough.

I like the OD I got, mabye a little to light, the colors are Olive drab, Olive and camouflage green.
Red lapeles and facings, with white tails.

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