Thursday, April 17, 2014

Going Viking

 Tiny Vikings, well not super tiny, just tiny, 15mm peter pig vikings.

I want to do medievals, and this is as close I get, all other medievals are kinda not my thing.
Each base has 8 figures, each unit will be 6 bases, so 48 figures in four ranks. I've decided to follow the standard "style" less armord in the two last ranks, more armord in the first. So the back rank will be mostly axemen, and spearmen, with a few archers sprinkeld in on the flanks, while the front, will be armord dane axes, swords and spears. I decided to do theise simpler, for sevral reasons, while the unarmord do have lots of clothing to shade and highlight, the ones in armor don't so instead of 3-4 layers(like my marines got) they have a simple two layer style. I think it work with these type of figures. the mail is dry brushed on. Also instead of 3-4 colors of skin, they only get 1, and thats because the faces are coverd with helmets and beards, so not much skin to work with at all. the leather shoes and bindings do get two shades, like leather scabard ect.

I like the look, I would not do it on bigger figers, or other style figures, my marines will still get their 3-4 layers. but for theise, were the shild take up lots of room ect. I think it works. I did the metal in a single color, also to keep with the style of simplisity. I did them colorfull, lots of bright blue, red and green, some natural wool, and the shields, got greens, blacks, yellows, reds and blues. Beards and hair are blond, brown or red(ginger)
 I also got my girlfriend to "fix" my camera, higher aperture so less out of focus vikings and figures

 This is who they shold look, the ligher armourd figures behind, heavies forward. I got enough figures for 3 more units, after this one is done.


Andrew Saunders said...

Very nice work on those Vikings

Phil said...

Well done!

Gunfreak said...

Thanks, did another base yesterday and will do another today.

Kenneth Van Pelt said...

Great work.