Friday, April 4, 2014

Mini Marines

 So I wanted to paint some 15mm again, but needed an excuse, so since I base my 28mm for skirmish gaming, I thought 15mm would be great for blitzkreig commander. These are peter pig, great figures, tho not a fan of the faces. So first mission is to build a platoon, Thats 3 squads and HQ squad.

Given the standard rule of the smaller figures lighter color, I use the same colors for the 28mm, but dropping the darkest shade of brown violet, instead the shade is not russian uniform, with mid color beeing green grey, and the stone grey beeing the lightest. So less of the dark and more of the stone grey(that I use just a tiny bit of on the 28mm) Also the rifles get two shades of wood, instead of 3, the metal is gunmetal color instead of black, to make the barrles more visible.

The faces get 3 colors instead of 5, other then that it's the same, boots get 2 colors, as in the 28mm, same with webbing ect.
 I like these, they look alot like the 28mm only smaller.
 I decided to do rather big bases, showing them abit spread out. I did the bases kinda like pelulu, lots of stone/coral, with some rocks and very little vegetation.

 I'll try and do a theme on each base, here they are all fireing/giving cover in the next they will be moving.

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Stephen said...

15mm - amazing work