Tuesday, May 20, 2014

10th Foot, 8th Horse

 So I got my flags, from Flags of War.  I was gonna place my standard barers behind the unit on it's own base, instead I pulled off 2 musketeers and placed the bareres on the main command base. looks much better. So now the unit is finished finished, with colors and all.

I also did the first base of Lord Cavendish Horse, AKA 8th Regiment of Horse.

The cav is again Front rank, I love the front rank cav, but never feel I do them justice. I am quite happy with the horses them self, I tried a mix of black line shading and dry brushing.

Also I'm starting to get an idea of this project now. My french army will be 2 french infantry brigades and 1 bravarian infantry brigade, not sure about the cav yet.

My Allied one will be 1 Anglo-Scotish Brigade, 1 Danish Brigade and 1 Dutch Brigade for infantry.
The cav will be 1 Anglo-Scotish, 1 danish and 1 dutch.

I have even BOUGHT!!! painting refrences, I never do that, atleast 5 years since last time I payed for uniforms refrences. I bought Robert Halls French and Dutch CD books from On military matter. Over $100 for those two with shipping.
 The sun looks happy! Shouldn't it be mad and have it's war face on?
 I had problems guessing what the horse blanket color was, the refrence I used didn't give name to the color, and the picture was ambigious, it was a yellow/orange/brown/golden thing, mabye Brown/golden thing.

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