Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Finished the Bath

 Bath is complete, well except for the standard barers. Amazing who much more complete a unit looks once it reaches 18 figures. I got my copy of great and glorious days by James Falkner, so I have something to get me into the mood while I wait for reenforcments.
 I like the guy on the far right, looks totaly unfaced about battle, totaly british stiff upperlipp. Hm yes yes, that's a bulley hitting the guy next to me, well he died honorably, oh look case shot, this is getting hot. Hm it's almost tea time, guess I have to use the bayonet to finish this off, so my servant can make me som biscuts for tea. I would have to have to beat him to death if I don't get my biscuts. Oh  looks like I got my legg chatterd, hm thats inconvinent.

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