Sunday, June 1, 2014


 So normaly, you get a couple of WIP posts, But suprise suprise A finished unit never seen before.

Prince George's Regiment, or as it's danish it would be pronounced Ge Org. Danes are a strange people, while they owned norway for 400 years(known as the 400 year night in norway) They still kinda feel like norways little brother. Norway is big and scary with wild animals, wild forests, waterfalls and big mountains. I resantly learned that most of my familiy on my mothers side comes from a small village some distance from Randers in Denmark, which means some of my ancestors might have been in this or other regiments that served in the WSS.

The figures are not my best, the while turned out a bit spotty, not a great transition from light do dark, some of the light are just like spots on the coat. I did not have any sources for the uniform other then the basic rank and file one, So the officer uniform and the grandier mitre is just fancy stuff. I'm in doubt wether the drummer used reverse colors, but I could not resist the chance at doing a big as coat in bright orange.

I did the drum in the danish colors of white and red. I gave the officers red sash, it was the save choice as it was quite common color for sashes, tho I toyed with the idea of having them in orange too.

The grenadier mitres have golden grenades on them.
My 3 allied battalions so far.


Phil said...

Beautiful uniforms, great work!

Stephen said...

Randers is about half an hour from where I live and home to Gracelands Europe!

Gunfreak said...

You're in Denmark, Stephen, everythnig is about half an hour from were you live! Ok, mabye not half an hour, but it takes like 3 hours to drive from north to the german border.