Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Life update

 So tomorrow I will resume regular programing, but I'll give you a life update.
About two weeks ago I left to stay a long weekend with my girlfriend, he lives two hours away by train, I was plaing on staying from Thursday to Sunday, but stayed a week longer. So only came home this Sunday. The week and a half was spent in the sun, and with puppies.
My girlfiend just got two litters of Siberian Huskies. I was there for the delivery of the first litter, but not the second, so I spent weeks 3-5 with them Now, had not seen the first litter since they were one day old. Now they are bigger and well funnier, my girlfriend worked during the week, So i was puppy guardian.
I also spent a day and a half with the potential inlaws at the cabin, so some pics from that trip.

This is Lyng, a girl from the second litter, my sister is buying a puppy from my girlfriend, and I hope this is the one she gets. As I really like her.
 This is me at the cabin, at midnight, yes midnight, this is far south of the midnight sun, but it still does not get darker then this, and this is a good 3 weeks before the 24th of june, when it will be at it's lightest
 This is orca, his real name is Ymer, but he looks like a killer whale so he is Orca.
 Me with 9 out of  10 puppies
 Sleepy puppies
 Not sleepy puppies
 This is the dad for both litters(I know real man whore) He did not like beeing in a boat, but he is a big pussy, beeing even more afraid of hights then me.
 Oske, he is the biggest in both litters, huge dog, he is only 5 weeks but he is now close to the size of the pentagon.
 Kvasir, all the dogs in the first litter got norse names. Ymer, Kvasir, Oske, Mjøllnir, Såga and Garm.
 This is Issoleie, all the puppies from the second litter got names of plants found in the norwegian mountains. So Issoleie, Krekling, Lyng and Molte.
 This is Mjøllnir, he looks like a pitbull in the nose.
 This is a sleepy version of Såga, the only girl in the first litter, only girl of six!! puppies, so she is kinda butch, having been stued in testostaron for sevral months
 Orange Gunfreak does not smile
 Lyng again, beeing sleepy
 And Orca, he is my favorite, super enegry, never tierd, fun and cool dog.
 The village by the cabin
 Daddy Freke again, much happier not beeing in a boat
And Såga again, she is uniqe only dark grey in both litters.

Regular update tomorrow with first bases of two diffrent regiments for WSS


Al said...

Cool post!

Gonsalvo said...

Thanks for sharing! Spent Father's day with my two daughters and son in law on the lake in their boat. There were two grand dogs aboard (Beagles) - one loves being on the water, the other... not!

TamsinP said...

Gorgeous pups and a great looking dad.

Stephen said...

So cute :-)