Friday, August 22, 2014

Hello Old friend!

 Last time I posted Napoleonics was in mid march! So quite a few months ago.
Now I'm semi back, and this time it's the 88th, They are from the new FrontRank Reenforcements packs.
Truely amazing figures, I decided to paint just 4 figures, this would be 80 soldiers in the standard 1:20 scale, a good british company, that could often fall down to 60 or even less soldiers.
I also painted them quite diffrenly, I normaly semi block paint, finish the main uniform, then do the details.
This time I finished the top uniform totalt first,so jacket, lace, facings, straps ect. then the face, all 6 layers, and hat then the musket, and finnaly the trousers. I did this just to spice things up, I started to get bored with the 5 layers of trousers and 4 layers of jacket, and then all the small detail, this time I did some big clothing, then some small details, and then back to big clothing.

I also used 3 layers on the shako, I normaly only use one or mabye 2, but this time I went all out, not sure tho, it might look to grey? But mabye it just makes them look more sun bleached?

 This is the genadier company.
 In reality I would have to make 10 companies, but that would be 40 figures. But I think I'll settle for left.
Also to make the unit look more like a 2 rank file I put them very close together to make it as thin as possible, compeard to say the French,
I rearly post pictures of the back, as I do my worst job there(lets admit it, I put in less effort) But I like how the back turned out on theise, it also show the shako highlights better.


AJ (Allan) Wright said...

Lovely work, right down to the mud on the trousers. Crisp brushwork.

Phil said...

Excellent paint job, love the mud effect too!

Sparker said...

Great work mate, good to see the Connaught Rangers! I notice you have a trace of red at the base of the plume? I think since these are grenadiers the plume would be all-white, and certainly the national cockade at the base of the plume would have been black.
But outstanding painting mate, no question!

Gunfreak said...

Thanks sparker, I havn't painted British propper in a long time and forgot the grenadiers had all white, so had to paint them white AFTER i had based them, so there for bad cover up of red.