Wednesday, September 10, 2014

John "Hannibal" Smith

Well ingnore the John Smith part, And keep the Hannibal part. Last time I pained theise figures was the 6th of December 2011 When I first got into Ancients. I  rnever did much  more of carthageninans, as aventine never exapanded their range, instead going to Pyrrhus instead. With Victrix new range of romans and soon punic forces. it thought it was time to restart theise. I actualy thought my early ancients look pretty good but I find these are much better. The two things pulling them down is the mail and shields. theise figures has been primed those almost 3 years ago. so some of the primer had gone of, instead of re priming them, I decided to just put som  black paint on the bare metal parts, but it was to much paint and the detail on the armor was gone, making it hard to get to look good. the shields still clearly looks like they got watermarks on them, and not that they are painted.

Except for those. I like them, the broze is much better. so is the flesh and wood.
The tunics are a mix of white. natural lien and dark tan green(realy just od with highligts) The common theme is purple border on the tunic both on the ned and on the armes. I did this because they are supose to be veterans, with stolen roman shelds and armor. So even if you buy the theory that ancients tried to use uniform tunics for units or armies. All we know of all long  military campaigns, is that after a while uniformity goes out the can.
 One guy has a plane white shield.
 The hair on the helmets are a mix of, red, blue and green.
The broze to make propper shades, I have left some part black. this is most notisable on the graves.


Phil said...

Nice job on these Carthaginian troops!

Stephen said...

Cracking work