Saturday, August 9, 2014

I'm still alive!

 Wow, A month and a half since last post!
I'm still alive, first I just didn't feel like painting, then a vacation. I'm now back in Oslo after spending lot of time at my girlfriend, then week and a half in Denmark and Sweden.
I'll get some pictures up of my latest figures tomorrow(battery on the camera was dead)
They are Modern Navy SEALs.

So I'm afraid you'll have to do with some life pictures for now, I know boring.

First up is my half finished Navy SEAL airsoft kit. I still need vest, a p226 pistol, more stuff for the rifle and paint the rifle.

The Uniform is the AOR2, Digital Navy cammo, The rifle is a Tokyo Mauri 416. it got an EOtech sight, PEQ15 laser unit, and a new SMR rail. the rail was a pain in the ass to get on, it was slightly to tight, so spent sevral hours with a fake dremel filing down the aluminum on the gun. I still need a magnifire, Surefire, front grip and silencer.
 I have a 1911 in a kydex holster, but SEALs don't use 1911s, so I need a SIG P226, I got the holster need the gunb.
 Close up of the rifle, both the laser unit and EOtech are airsoft replicas, I plan on getting a real EOtech soon.

 Then the vacation, we are both animal crazy, so in 10 days we visted 7 animal things(zoos ect) It was been a heat wave in Scandinavia since mid July, Norway, Sweden and Denmark has had about 5-8c higher tempratures then normal, and it's lasted for over a month now. The car did not have aircon, so well hot!

Gothernburg, after spending time looking at animals, there was a deluge! First real rain in months.
 Me petting random animals in a safari park.
 Me descussing politics with Danish Lemurs.
Stellar's Sea Eagle. Biggest eagle in the world.


Stephen said...

Great piccies

Dan said...

great eagle pic, well timed.

Gunfreak said...

Thanks, the girlfriend has to take the glory for the eagle pic, she is the photagrapher in the family.