Wednesday, June 18, 2014

As promised

 So regular programing has returned. Two WIPs the first one is Dutch foot guards(blue gards) I'm not happy with them, I'm so out of practice, felt they were sloppy done.

The dutch guards should have some lace on their soldiers, but close enough.
I did them in the apropriate red and blue, even tho I was tempted to do them in the William of Orange, yellowish and blue. But by 1704 they almost definatly used the red and blue, abit anoying. while dark blue and red is very cool mix. I wanted to keep the blue dark, so I only used the french foundry triad, I normaly add a even lighter highlight. But wanted them dark so only the triad.

I also wanted the red to be clear and rich, so I did not shade or high light it, only one color of rich red.

This was to make the red and blue contrast as much as possible.

The second WIP that I actualy painted like a month ago now. Is a bravarian unit, I did the first base long ago, and started on the command base, but got so bored, not sure why I've spent like weeks trying to finish it, got so bored I finished the whole of the prince george unit, then didn't paint, left for my girlfriend, and did the first base of the dutch guards. Now I have to finish that command base.

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