Saturday, September 27, 2014

Black linothorax test figure

 I normaly don't so single test figures, but I had an idea and only a few hours to test it out. It started when I played rome 2 total war. The game is not historic at all, it's very gamey, but were els do you get to se thousands of people fight. I do play carthage and rome now and then, but I am and allways will be a pikeman. So I prefer to play the hellenic forces, mostly Macedonia, Selucids or Epirus. It's kinda cool watching 3000 pikemen marching is possision. Anyway the original game is not that good, so I play it with mods. and one of the mods I play with ads lots of new units. Most of them somewhat/totaly fancifull. I was playing a battle as Macidona and one of my units had black linothorax with gold trim. looked cool.

So a unit based on a not realistic mod for a none realistic game...
I highly doubt any unit looked anything like this. But they will be my pyrrhic royal guard.
 Black linothorax(painted with very dark gray)
Gold trim and gold plaited shield.
Also gold trim on the sword with black scabard.

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